Review – Online ED Source with an Unappealing Website was an e-distributor of erectile dysfunction drugs, particularly Kamagra. The pharmacy was based in the United Kingdom but all products were directly imported from Ajanta Pharma, one of the leading drug manufacturers in India. The full list of products they have offered is no longer seen on the website. The health store assured the public that all the drugs they sold from the pharmacy were 100% authentic. In fact, they claimed that they have received 100% Google rating in terms of customer satisfaction. However, it is hard to access the website and most of the pertinent information available could no longer be viewed. The prices of the Kamagra they offered cannot be searched anymore as well. I could not decipher if all items were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory licensing bodies. Ajanta Pharma is compliant with the regulation set by the agency so I am assuming that their products were also top quality. It seems that ordering from the drugstore was very convenient and easy. Hence, I strongly recommend to all patients that they must seek the advice of a licensed physician prior to starting any new medication therapy. This is a must for patients especially those with other pre-existing medical conditions or other drug contraindications.

Since there is not much that could still be viewed about the pharmacy, the payment options and shipping methods are not discussed at the website. There is no FAQ section that we could access to view such information. I guess that like most online pharmacies, used to accept payments through major credit cards and bank transfers. Shipping could possibly be through registered mail or courier delivery.

The refund policy of the drugstore could not be archived as well. The contact numbers or e-mail addresses that could be used should there be a need to contact a customer care rep were no longer published on the website. Reviews

Apart from the insufficient information about the drugstore, there were no customer reviews found for These testimonials play a vital role in defining the online reputation of an online health store. They greatly influence the decision making of an individual, especially for first-time buyers. Since the drugstore didn’t gain any reviews during the course of its business, we could not conclude that the pharmacy was safe and efficient. Reviews 2017

To view more recent data and information about the health store, was used to validate the reliability of the drugstore.

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A malware has been reported for It appears that the website is already offline as we have validated upon checking and classified it as an unsafe platform for buying medicines online. The location and the owner country were being hidden. This is a common scheme used by online fraudsters in operating a scam business. Moreover, it is very risky to share personal information like credit card details because the safety of the site was compromised. Coupon Codes

The prices of the medicines offered by is no longer available even from the archived website. However, some special discounts and freebies were still viewable.

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There was a special offer last August given for every purchase of Silagra. The customer could get one free order upon buying Silagra from the website. Moreover, if the patient bought a Genuine Kamagra from the site, the shipping and handling charges using UK First Class Post shall be waived.

Conclusion was an online provider of genuine Kamagra which were manufactured and sourced from Ajanta. It is one of the leading pharmaceuticals in India. The licensing approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health authorities were not mentioned from the website. The prices of Kamagra were also not viewable anymore.

I am giving 1 out of 5 stars because the website was hard to navigate and there is not much information that could be extracted from the site. The website claimed that they sold high-quality and affordable erectile dysfunction drugs, but the information was very limited. There were no customer reviews cited that could support the data regarding the online reputation of the drugstore.

I strongly do not recommend buying from a virtual pharmacy like Their website was not appealing and there was limited information that could be extracted from the site. Patients must look for an online drugstore with a strong reputation and regular customers. This would prove the quality of drugs offered and the efficiency of services.