Review – Dysfunctional Virtual Pharmacy that Sold ED Medications Only was an online pharmaceutical store that mainly sold ED medications to customers. However, it has now been an archived since 2012. The e-pharmacy of ErectPill claims to provide satisfactory products and customer’s data protection. However, when I tried searching for some necessary information or what other services they provide, I found that most of the links on the website are broken including their FAQ and policies page where information related to delivering and payment methods, refunds and cancellations is usually provided. Moreover, I could not get hold of the information either as for where ErectPill used to operate from.

As mentioned, the e-store of ErectPill dealt in ED medications. So, the main drugs they used to sell include Brand Viagra, Generic Viagra, Brand Cialis, Generic Cialis, Brand Levitra, Generic Levitra, Kamagra and other ED Packs. Since they sold both generic and brand drugs, their prices vary depending upon what a customer orders. For instance, the common price for a 100mg pill of branded Viagra is 10 USD and the same concentration pill of generic Viagra costs 1.50 USD. Erect pill also provides related information like the drug’s side effects and instruction for use corresponding to each drug. However, it could not be found out if they sell drugs that are approved by FDA or any other drug regulatory authority.

Since the e-store’s website does not provide information related to shipping facilities for sending customers their package or the payment methods that the company accepts, and if they do, it is not visible since some pages on the website are not responsive, this information is almost unknown. One thing I know, however, is that they at least accepted payments through Visa Cards as it has been specified on their landing page and other pages that are working.

Certainly, we don’t know of the company’s reshipment and refunds or cancellation policies either. For clarifying this information, however, customers could use the ‘contact us’ link or the toll-free number mention on the site. However, this link didn’t from me, just like almost all of the closed down e-pharmacies. Reviews

ErectPill vendor has an on-site testimonials section where I found a number of positive appraisals from happy customers. Almost all of the customers seem to be happy with the effects of drugs they ordered and appreciated the quality of the products that the company provided them with.

Mike talked about his experience ordering Generic Levitra from the website. He seemed satisfied by the quality of drug and said that he was ‘amused with the result’ of the drug. He later on also ordered Viagra and said that he ‘liked it too’. Mark, another user on the website, said that finding some good reviews about the site induced him to order Cialis from them. He acknowledged the fast delivery service and low prices at which the company sold medications. He even called the pills a ‘magic’. A customer by the name George also seemed satisfied with the quality of pills. image1 8

These positive appraisals may give a new customer the impression that ordering from the site might be a very good idea. Something to keep in mind is the fact that that customer reviews on vendor’s site are never reliable and are usually made-up by the vendor himself just to boost sales. It is, therefore, wise to have a look at scam reports for the site before deciding whether to deal with them or not. Reviews 2017

The customer reviews for Erect Pill shop might be very much in the favor of the company, the scam analysis reports tell quite a different story. I obtained this report from Scam Advisor, an independent verification source and have provided the summary below.

This scam report suggests that the website might not be safe to use with a trust rating of just 65%. The only potential issue with the e-store as pointed out by this report is that the site might have a malware which could cause damage to the customer’s machine. Scam Advisor also clearly stated that the site does not function anymore and is now offline.

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These results, therefore, suggest that there is a good chance that the customer reviews are fake and users should go for a trustable source instead of wasting money on a potential scam site Coupon Codes does not provide any coupon codes or discount deals of any type for their customers.


A closed pharmacy for almost 5 years now, erect pill specialized in the selling of various ED medications. Their place of operation or whether they sold approved drugs is not known but they do claim to provide good quality and satisfactory products. Other information that is not known is their shipping/delivery and payment methods, if the customers are allowed to cancel the order or whether they send reshipments or refund the money in case of damaged delivery etc. is one of those e-stores that provided the customers the choice to order both generic and branded medications. Moreover, their average prices of drugs, for both types, were also economical and pretty much equal to the prices of other virtual stores. Moving on to the user reviews, which were usually positive and appreciated the shop’s services but since they were found on the vendor’s website, we rule out the possibility that these are genuine reviews as almost always the reviews on the vendor’s own site are fake. The site also has resulted from scam reports that suggest that the site is not safe to use.

Nonetheless, the website of ErectPill has been closed now so purchasing from them is not an option anymore. Therefore, just like most of the closed e-pharmacies, I would give a rating of 1 out of 5.