Ivitamins.me Review – Webstore with a Heap of Unclarified Data

Iviamins.me used to be a webstore that prides in the number of references it has garnered over eight years of experience in the industry emphasizing that it was not a vanish over the night kind of a store. The store supplied anti-estrogen, anabolic steroids, weight loss products and some general health remedies in the likes of; Doxycycline which went for $ 25.00 per a hundred tablets and the Bromocriptine in a pack of a hundred and twenty pills was sold at $ 60.00. These drugs tended to bear brand names which do not require the FDA approval; however, this information had not been clarified on the remains of its website. Customers had been urged to visit their local physicians prior purchasing the medications a statement that left me in to guess whether a prescription was a prerequisite for the acquisition. It also flaunted about the quality of its products which had gained recognition across the globe. This popularity led it to do- away-with speculating consumers by having a minimum order requirement of $200.00 without the inclusion of the transportation charges.

 Most of its activities from inquiries to the placing of orders were done on the site using an email feedback system that had been provided to its clients. My two-coin knowledge regarding this scheme is that it is quite slow in airing responses compared to the live chat and making of calls which have been readily adopted by the majority of vendors. The other issue which I consider to be a priority is the flexibility of modes of payments from credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Euro Debit, JCB, Amex) wire bank transfers to e-checks among many others. The e-shop, however, did not share in my interest as it opted for the direct bank transfers via the moneygram or the western union. The methods had been claimed to be safe, and once the amount reflected on its account, the order processing took place for a few days.  

Shipping was done through the international airmail with the regular one taking a month while the registered version of it took two three weeks as a service fee of $ 20.00. The then temporarily unavailable express mail delivery used to guarantee a three-day delivery across the globe a cost of $ 55.00 without a free reshipment in case the goods failed to find their way to its consumers. Its refund policy covered those whose packages were damaged, incomplete or undelivered by offering them a free reshipment.

Ivitamins.me Reviews

Ivitamins.me has no testimonials despite its credibility claims on a large lot of happy customers it had acquired over its operations tenure. Clients remarks tend to shed some insight on the kind of services that used to be provided by the seller in addition to the quality of the products sold. These comments play a crucial role in convincing potential buyers especially in the internet trade as they go a long way in clearing the lingering doubts. This eventuality explains the reason as to why some traders manipulate customer feedbacks to suit their requirements to lure clients some even duplicate them from other sites just to appear competitive. I once had been rubbed the wrong way by a virtual pharmacy that supplied some of my steroids. It had mastered the art of being deceitful using false reviews which praised it for award winning anabolic recipes. Effectiveness being what I had salivated for I endured the rigorous ordering process only to be handed fake concoctions. I thank God; their consumption did not cause adverse effects to my health. That was the eye-opening experience when I discovered the great work done by scam analyzing engines in unearthing heinous vendors.

Ivitamins.me Reviews 2017

Scamner.com stated the site had no trust records in addition to its unknown physical location. The site was also said to have had few visitations something that acquired it a slot in the list of less popular pharmacies.

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Buyers had been advised against browsing or buying from it as their data might be compromised since the domain did not have an SSL certificate. I was with those pieces of evidence that resulted in its dismal safe rates of (0 out of 100) % from the scam consultant. To get find out more concerning its trustworthiness I decided to seek that counsel of the scamadviser.com.

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The France- based site was declared to have had some minimal risks because its original details were deliberately hidden from the public. It was reported to have had a low popularity profile and a domain age that was less than a year although that did not stop the scam checker from awarding it an average trust rates (65 out of 100) %.

Ivitamins.me Coupon Codes

Ivitamins.me had no coupon codes neither did it embrace the widely used saving options as opposed to its competitors. The client would agree with me that the end game is sparing a few coins from the medical bill be it that free shipping or bonus pills are the vehicles of achieving this goal. Some online vendors invest in issuing of loyalty points and promotional discounts which are accorded seasonally or per the frequency of one’s orders and refills. If my opinion was to be sought, this aspect of making the drugs inexpensive should be mandatory; if the achievement of access to affordable health care as a precipitate to healthy living is to be realized.


Ivitamins.me had a lot of unclarified details regarding its company making it difficult to offer it high credibility levels in addition to its lack of reviews. This uncertainty was reflected by the scam analyzers as the Scamner.com granted it a null trust rate while the scamadviser.com accorded it an average safe score of (65 out of 100) %. In conclusion, I grant it 1-star out of 5.