Review – Untrustworthy Domain Exposed by Scam Checkers is a pharmaceutical e-store that claims to sell only generic versions of drugs. I stumbled upon it while I was on a mission to uncover the best online store to order a few drugs from. According to the domain, Med UK has been in operation since the year 2010. The website peaked my interest and as I began to read further, I found out that the pharmacy was based in India. According to them, that was where they shipped their generic drugs from. I was not very sure whether they were still in operation or not, but the last date I found on the website was May 2016.

The company insisted they dealt only in generic medications and not brand medications, thereby offering a cheaper option for many medications. Since Med-UK was based in India, it was stated on the website that the drugs were approved by the Indian FDA. On the homepage of the website was displayed various generic drugs, most being drugs that corrected erectile dysfunction. The prices ranged from $0.21 to $3 with a special discount pack being advertised at $64. It was said to contain Viagra and Cialis. The full content of the pack, however, I could not tell.

Buyers were free to make payments using credit cards such as VISA, VISA electron, and e-checks. It was not stated whether they supported just these three credit cards or others as well.

Goods are dispatched using either Airmail or a more expensive option, EMS (Express Mail Service). The drugs were expected to arrive within 14 days for EMS and could take up to 4 weeks to be delivered when using Airmail. The prices for these services were not disclosed. They did, however, assure customers of the possibility of a refund. If goods were said to be lost or confiscated at customs, and a reshipping offer was declined, the buyer could expect a refund. Delays and cancellations did not warrant a refund.

Prospective clients were asked to refer to the official Med-UK shipping terms for additional information regarding cancellations. I was disappointed to find that I could not come across a functioning link regarding an actual refund policy, prescription policy or a shipping policy for that matter on the domain.

In a nutshell, it seemed to me that the information on the website was rather scanty. Extensive information on the various policies that prospective clients had been referred to by their FAQ section had not been made available. One can only hope that those links either used to work efficiently once upon a time or they still work, but cannot be viewed on certain browsers. Review

I was pleasantly surprised to find that had several reviews. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the fact that all of the reviews were generated from the site. There were no reviews from external websites. This fact raised various red flags at the back of my head. I decided to tread with caution since reviews generated simply from within the website could easily mean that they were being deceptive at best and manipulative at worst.pasted image 0 1

The customers featured in the reviews stated just their first names and did not state their location. Another red flag. Karim was quick to applaud Med UK on their customer service. He seemed satisfied with the service he received and he graded them as “outstanding”. Another customer by name Michael appeared to be extremely happy with his merchandise. He said that the Viagra he apparently ordered ‘made miracles’ for him.

I was highly unimpressed though about the fact that most of the reviews on the website talked about Viagra. Do not get me wrong. It was to be expected since from their website, it is basically highly commercialized and high-in-demand drugs like Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs that make up the most of the merchandise sold from Med-UK. However, it looked like some sort of manipulation scheme. I say this because, it had the tendency to mislead potential clients, who did not know any better, to try and revive their sexual lives with a promise of a ‘perfectly working’ sex life, as Ramzi from Abu-Dhabi said. Reviews 2017

 To assuage my misgivings concerning Med UK, I decided to look for reviews about this company from other websites. My trusty scam adviser website cautioned that the site might be risky. This was not a far cry from the various reservations I had with regards to the company. It was almost as if the websites were vehemently refuting the authenticity of

pasted image 0 3 gave me a more in-depth look at the website and still confirmed as a fraudulent website. The study revealed a few pros and many cons about the website saying that the website did not own an SSL Certificate although Google had not flagged the domain as ‘unsafe’. One advantage that was revealed by was the fact that Med UK had been in operation for more than 3 years. You would think that with at least 3 years of operation, the website should at least boast of a few trust records.

Med UK was said to have been in operation, according to the technical information provided, since 2012. This further disproves their credibility since it was stated on that they had been in operation since 2010. Coupon Codes

Due to the fact that already prided themselves in selling cheaper versions of branded drugs, I was not surprised when I found that the e-store did not have any special promotional codes to enable prospective customers to save money. Regardless of that, I came across the tab on the homepage of the website that promised free shipping of all orders and 15% off all subsequent orders placed by clients.

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 There were no apparent terms and conditions attached to these promotions except possibly the non-existent shipping policies. With the promise of 15% off all additional orders at any price, it is a great advantage that customers do not have to order up till a certain cut-off amount to warrant that offer. In general, it seemed as if buying from this online pharmacy meant an already great way to save money and also the lucrative 15%off offer encouraged potential clients to keep placing orders.


After all my research on the e-store came back with negative feedback, it seems as if is truly a shady website. All my doubts and misgivings were substantiated with the proof provided on other websites. If I were to base a judgment simply because of the reviews, I would advise against ordering from this e-store. The reviews on the website were generated from within the website, thus there is no authentic public opinion to boost the credibility of this pharmaceutical domain.

Based on these findings I can only rate Med-Uk 1 out of 5. It is better for me to keep looking for a more credible virtual drugstore than investing in one such as this one. Customers are advised to keep looking for more trusted domains which have enough information on their sites, are recognized to have credibility based on the reviews from other sites and finally have authentic customer reviews that are not only generated from the site, but also from other sites as well. As for me, I’ll keep searching, in hope to find a better e-store from which to place my orders.