Review – Not Functional E-Pharmacy with Overall Poor Performance makes to the list of the closed down online pharmaceutical store as the e-store has ceased its business and does not operate anymore. The website claimed to provide safe transactions for its customers by securing the user data. I could not get any information regarding when the e-pharmacy got shut down or how long it was in business as the website does not provide any such information.

Pharm Shop Online used to sell a wide range of ED medications and generic drugs. These include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Caverta, Erectalis Erectalis, Intagra, Silagra, Suhagra, Tadacip and so on. Moreover, these pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured by an FDA approved producer which ensures the quality of these drugs. One important factor is the prices of the drugs which I found quite economical. For instance, they sell Viagra pills at a minimum rate of 1.16 USD per pill.

Moving on to the accepted payment methods, the e-pharmacy allows payment through a number of ways including credit card, EuroDebit (Electronic Cash), Bank wire transfer, online check payment, MoneyGram and the Western Union. However, for shipping, customers can opt for either Courier Service or Standard International Airmail delivery. Courier Service is fast but has a very high shipping rates. Shipping through courier service costs 50 USD and the package is delivered in 5-9 days. Additionally, order tracking is also provided for customers. On the other hand, Standard International Airmail delivery costs just 10 USD but the package arrives in 10-21 days and orders are not trackable for the users.

The cancellation policy specified on the website states the customers are allowed to cancel their order within 24 hours of placing it by contacting customer service using email or phone. If the time exceeds 24 hours, the order would not be canceled.  In case the customer does not get his medications within the due time of order delivery, the company is liable to refund for the order or reship the order as the user wants.

As the website had limited information, I decided to check out the customer service even though I was sure of not getting a reply. There was a link to use for live chat with the help desk but it was broken so I sent a message to the help desk from the Contact Us tab, not getting any response as expected. Reviews

Pharm Shop Online does not have any reviews on the internet on any independent website. Customer reviews are usually the most important factor in determining the status of the website as they are genuine and honest feedback from the real customers with the prior experience of purchasing from the e-store. In the case when no testimonials are found on a specific site, the status of the site becomes unknown.

For a site whose status is not known, vendor’s reputation is unconfirmed and there is a big chance that the vendor is not reliable and is involved in fraudulent business without the knowledge of the user. Additionally, there is also a chance of money fraud involved where buyers are made to pay for their order but it is never sent to them.

Considering the scenario discussed above, users should refrain from making deals with such pharmacies as they could easily get deceived in the name of online purchasing and prefer making deals with reliable vendors. Reviews 2017

Since the e-pharmacy has no reviews at all, there is no reason searching for the latest ones posted in the recent year. For finding out the website’s current status and the vendor’s reputation, I checked out the results from various scam analysis reports.


My first stop was Legit Script which I consulted for finding out the legitimacy of the e-store and found out that the site has the status of a rogue pharmacy.


After this, I decided to check scam results from These results clearly state that the website has been reported as an ‘online scam’ and buying and browsing the site is not recommended for users. Coupon Codes sends free pills of either Viagra or Cialis as a sample for its customers. All a customer has to do to get hold of these samples is to order 60 pills or more from the online pharmacy and choose either of the sample medication they want to receive. Moreover, customers can, just like all other pharmacies, also avail a discounted per pill price for large orders.


However, other than the two specified discounts, there are no other discounts or coupon deals of any type for the customer.


After an extensive browsing through the site, I kept in mind various considerable factors that could help me make the decision whether to deal with the site or not. These factors were the website’s overall layout and information presentation, the prices at which the website used to sell medications, the customer reviews about the vendor, results from the scam reports, the discount deals and coupon codes that the company offers its customers and the customer service of the site.

Unfortunately, there were no user reviews, the scam reports specified the pharmacy as a fraudulent one and there were almost no discounts for customers making the e-pharmacy a not so suitable option. Even though most of the discussed things are enough for a customer to make the decision, the most important aspect that predominates all these is that the site has been closed now and does not work anymore.

For a pharmaceutical website that has been closed now and does not operate anymore, my rating is always 1 out of 5 (5 being the top) – the same for Pharm Shop Online.