Rapid-tabs.com Review – Closed E-Store with Scanty Data and Corrupted Image Records

Rapid-tabs.com is a former online pharmacy without records for its service on the internet. If you’d visit the store today, you will see an error message stating that the domain is nonexistent, but beyond that, there were no other clues concerning the store’s disappearance. I searched for clues all over the web, but the search results turn up outcomes for Rapidtabs.com and not for the domain Rapid-tabs.com.

Like I used to do for online pharmacies without any online reviews, I searched the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for its available data for Rapid-tabs.com. I was able to find records for Rapid-tabs.com, although the corrupted screenshots available for the former store were from 2014 alone. Rapid Tabs offered up to “70% savings” for meds without prescriptions and also free shipping for its products; the store also offered links to other websites such as Blue-sky-drugs and Pharmacy-discount-network, which were now closed stores as well. These sites apparently belonged to the same pharmacy network as Rapid-tabs.com, as they also had identical content, although these sites looked dissimilar to Rapid Tabs.

The product lineup on Rapid-tabs.com was the typical mostly-generic-products allegedly accredited by the Indian FDA. Products for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure, allergies, and other medical concerns were available on Rapid-tabs.com, and the buyers were not required to present their Rx for the products. Bestsellers on Rapid-tabs.com included mostly impotence treatments, but other generic products such as Synthroid, Accutane, Zithromax, Doxycycline, Propecia, and other medications were also present on the store. There was no clue where Rapid-tabs.com sourced its products—Rapid Tabs did not even bother to tell where it sourced its medications from; however, it was not surprising, as Rapid-tabs.com also did not disclose where it operated from.

I was still able to look up the former prices of Rapid-tabs.com for its erectile dysfunction medications despite its closed status. According to the prices available on Rapid-tabs.com (which were in Euro by default), the lowest price for its Viagra product was $0.61 per piece, its Cialis was $1.26 per pill, and its Levitra was $1.80 per pill. These prices were for the generic versions of these products—these were cheap prices, but they were for the bulk purchases of the meds, as the individual pill prices for the minimum purchases were higher.

Since there was scanty information for Rapid-tabs.com on its web archive records, I failed to identify its shipping rates, as well as the payment options available for the consumers of the store. The shop also did not have the sections where reshipments and refunds were discussed, so again, no information about those topics was available.

Rapid-tabs.com had a corrupted data from the archives, so the phone numbers were not visible. Even if they were, though, we can’t be able to reach the store because it is now offline.

Rapid-tabs.com Reviews

It is not surprising that Rapid Tabs did not have its own reviews from past buyers, as it seems that web pharmacies and pharmacy networks are not too conscious of having or not having reviews for their services.

Most online pharmacies we see on the web are affiliate pharmacies anyway, and not the main companies, which means that their sole purpose was to catch traffic for the main company. This denotes a lack of effort from the main company side to conjure up valid reviews for the website affiliates, as they were only purposed to catch traffic and nothing more.

Still, Rapid-tabs.com having no reviews bothers me to no end—for me, sites (especially selling platforms) with no reviews are untrustworthy, as testimonials or reviews from third party sites reflect a shop’s dedication and its credibility. Without external reviews, one store could not be truly reliable.

Rapid-tabs.com Reviews 2017

Because no past reviews exist for Rapid-tabs.com, I tried if the store was searchable in the databases of some online platforms I know. I tried searching for Rapid Tabs on Scam Adviser, Legit Script, and Scamner, but only one of them had a result for Rapid-tabs.com.

image2 1

Although Rapid-tabs.com was searchable on Scam Adviser, the store did not have as many details as the other online stores. According to Scam Adviser, Rapid Tabs is not active anymore, which was actually true. However, no detailed explanation for the result was available on Scam Adviser.

The year 2016 proved unfruitful for Rapid-tabs.com in terms of reviews, but then again, the store may have already closed during 2016. It’s just curious why the store closed all of a sudden and left no traces for its former patrons (if there were any).

Rapid-tabs.com Coupon Codes

According to the data on Rapid Tabs’ archived data records, the store was able to offer free shipping for its products. However, due to the current status of the website and also because of the limited information on the web archives, I failed to confirm the truth of this offer.

image1 1

No other buyer perks exist on Rapid-tabs.com, although Rapid Tabs claimed to offer savings of up to 70% when buyers chose its service over others.


Rapid-tabs.com is now shut down and the web did not have records of the shop’s existence, save for the limited information from the web archive. The lack of availability of the records on Rapid-tabs.com was disappointing—besides the skimpy data, the images for the store were corrupted and inaccessible. My verdict for the store: 1 out of 5.