Trusted Tablets Reviews: Everyday Treatment Made Easier and More Affordable

Trusted Tablets is a network of dispensaries operating online. They deliver generic medicines that are safe to use and they have been doing so for the last 12 years. Medicines offered by Trusted Tablets are shipped from India and are Indian FDA approved. These medicines are also compliant with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940.

One of the advantages of Trusted Tablets over other online pharmacies is the information they offer on their website. They provide dosage information for each drug, proper storage, what to do in case of missed or overdosage and possible side effects to expect. Trusted Tablets e-stores require a prescription on all Rx medicine orders. For your prescriptions, you can email to [email protected] or fax it to 44-203-0025627.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

Since they claim that the medicines they offer are reliable and affordable, we went ahead and checked the status of Trusted Tablets as an online pharmacy based on their customers’ experiences. This network of online drugstores have been operating for more than 12 years now hence we assume they are doing well. Their customers’ review confirmed it.

Trusted Tablets Customer Reviews

We found five customer reviews for Trusted Tablets. James, Geilert, Yukio, and two anonymous users shared these reviews. As for James, he compared the medicines he received from Trusted Tablets with the medicines he used to have from his local pharmacy. He said it comes with the same quality yet the price was difference was too big. With Trusted Tablets, James said he can now afford his medication.

Geilert shared the second review we found. Geilert seems to be happy with his order and the fact that it came freebies. As for Yukio, his order was delivered quickly, almost a week ahead of schedule.

From the two anonymous users, their comments are more on the fast delivery of their service and the good price. Both anonymous users even mentioned about ordering again from Trusted Tablets. These customer reviews show that Trusted Tablets has a good reputation especially when it comes to delivering affordable generic medications.

Trusted Tablets Online

Trusted Tablets Pharmacy Website

Trusted Tablets is a 12-year old network of internet pharmacies that offer 24/7 support to their customers. They are available to answer queries and to address your concerns via phone, chat, and email. Their offers are mostly generic brands of medicines for different medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, alcoholism, smoking addiction, allergies, asthma, infection, high blood, hypertension, and diabetes. They also offer medications for skin care, urinary tract infection, migraine, and pain relief drugs.

The website of Trusted Tablets is easy to use. On their main page, you can find their bestseller list, the different categories of medicines they have, a link to their FAQ page, a link to their Contact Us page, a link to their Policies, and a link to their testimonial page.

Placing an order with Trusted Tablets is very easy. All you need is your credit card, the name of the drug you need, and your correct address information. All orders are approved when paid with a credit card. All orders can be shipped internationally via EMS and Standard International Mail. The price for shipping is $25 and $10 respectively. EMS shipping is trackable while Standard International Mail is not.

When it comes to their bestsellers, most are from the erectile dysfunction drug category. They offer generic Viagra for $0.69 per tablet, generic Cialis for $1.30 per tablet, Levitra for $1.50 per tablet, and Female Cialis for $1 per pill.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

As of this writing, Trusted Tablets do not offer any coupon code that their customers can use. Instead of offering a coupon code, what they are bonuses that customers can take advantage every time they make an order.

Trusted Tablets Perks

For the first bonus. They offer free pills to their customers. The number of free pills they give depends on the order. The minimum number of bonus pills is 4 and the maximum is 20. In addition, qualifying orders also shipped free of charge. The qualifying criteria are the number of purchased medicines – it should be at least $200.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Trusted Tablets is a chain of drugstores operating online that operates worldwide. For support, the numbers to dial are 1-800-532-4808 for their US customers with a toll-free number 1-718-475-9088. For their UK customers. The number to dial is 44-203-011-0241.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Customers who are outside the said countries can contact Trusted Tablets via their live chat support or via their ‘contact us’ page. Their live chat support is available 24/7.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

Trusted Tablets do not practice spamming and making unnecessary marketing calls. They assure their customers that all information provided during the checkout process will be kept for recording purposes only but won’t be leaked to marketers. This is their promise and assurance to their customers when it comes to protecting customer privacy. They also encourage their customers to report any incident of spamming.


For their international offers, the easy to use websites, and their affordable medications, we are giving Trusted Tablets a rating of 5 out of 5. For people who need to take regular medications like for diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol, finding a drugstore where they can get it regularly is hard. With the help of online pharmacies like Trusted Tablets network, this is now possible and daily maintenance became affordable.

With their 12 years of experience and excellent customer reviews, Trusted Tablets chain of drugstores deserve a rating of 5. We are expecting more years of excellent service and perhaps a wider list of medicines o offer.