1pharmacy.net Review – Really Neat Scam

1pharmacy.net claimed to be a reliable seller of generic medication. As such all their products on offer are generic. They were claiming to have been in business for 10 years. There was no mailing address so I did not know where their office was but what I did find out was that they worked with manufacturers in India.

The main Assortment was the erectile dysfunction drugs in the category of Men’s Health Care and generic drugs including the antibiotic Amoxil and the blood pressure tablet Lasix. Their generic viagra cost $0.69, Levitra $1.50, Cialis $2.22 each cost associated with a per pill purchase. Their producers in India were FDA approved and had international certifications.

At the bottom of their home page, they had “We Accept Visa” and that was the only payment method you saw. Currently, there was a Free Shipping promotion. Generally, they shipped to all countries in the world with the exception of some Asian territories. Shipping was done either by Express International Mail at a rate of $30 with tracking and took a time period of 5-9 days or by Standard international airmail at a rate of $10, the delivery time of 10-21 days and there was no tracking system.

They had 3 numbers to call. US Toll-free, regular US, and UK. They also had live support. There was also a form you could fill out. They made themselves very accessible. If the package was damaged or missing they would refund or resend it. If they resent it, they covered the shipping charges.

1pharmacy.net Reviews

The reviews shown were from 1pharmacy.net. James praised them for getting his medication. Their products were the same but prices more reasonable than his local pharmacy. Geilert spoke about their prompt delivery and the extra pack that was enclosed. An unknown customer was so happy with the delivery that he promised to be a long-term customer. Yukio thanked 1pharmacy shop for their delivery.

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These comments were all good and were not trusted because they were on the seller’s website and not dated. In some cases, these customers did not even have a name. They also had a social media ribbon.These comments were also found on similar websites and were not even modified. It was also strange that they all emphasized one thing, the delivery of the pharmaceutical product.

Whilst it was highly unethical of the seller to copy comments from another website, I was able to relate. Persons shopping on the internet are most concerned about not receiving their packages. Pharmacy knew this so they used the delivery strategy in their comments so that customers would feel more comfortable ordering from them. However, I did not feel more comfortable because I knew that they copied these comments so their reputation and credibility were still up for debate.

1pharmacy.net Reviews 2017

Below you can see results from scamadviser.com and legitscript.com.

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It went without saying that legitscript deemed them to be a “Rogue” website, so it was not advised to make purchases from them.

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Scam Adviser showed that they had two locations; Netherlands and Romania. I believed it was also saying that Romania was a high-risk country. I have never been to Romania or heard anything negative about them but now that I knew I was glad I did not trust 1 Pharmacy because if they could not be honest about their location, how could they be honest about my orders or about anything else?

1pharmacy.net Coupon Codes

Codes and discount promotions offered by 1 Pharmacy. Firstly, you got 20x free. I did not know what this meant and I am an English speaker but if you figured it out I am open to enlightenment. Did it mean that you got 20x the amount you ordered free or 20 extra pills? The former option might have been a little far-fetched but the latter held more solid. Still, they could have clarified more.

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Free Shipping was a good offer because without the promotion we saw that their general shipping costs were between $10 and $30. Whilst some may have thought those savings to be minute, saving $30 was huge. So many things could have been done with that extra money in the pocket.

Generally, their discounts were good but I would have preferred not to be making assumptions about what a promotion meant or thinking that I was going to get 20 plus pills or 20 times the pills. To me, it seemed as 20 times rather than a plus.


The findings assume that 1 Pharmacy conducted some very questionable operations. Initially, the only concern I had was that they did not have a mailing address but as I continued to investigate I saw more flaws; the copied reviews, the dual location and then the unrealistic promise of 20 times free.

They had some saving graces though. They made themselves very available and it was easy to contact them. They also had free shipping. Of some concern was that they only accepted Visa as a payment method.

I rated them 1-star. Romania is a high-risk country. No one would want to risk sending their money off to a country that they know nothing about especially those of us in the Western World. Maybe that was why they didn’t have a mailing address because they were embarrassed by their country’s location. Needless to say, because of their dishonesty, I regarded them as a scam, whether their intentions were honorable or not.