Review – Suspicious Store Running From Russia claims to be a convenient, safe and a private platform for gaining FDA approved medications online. It calls itself as an online escrow service that ensures safe transactions for its customers who wish to purchase drugs from online pharmacies. The prices offered are quite competitive and a wide range of both generic and branded medications are offered at this store. Express Ex Sales is actually a medication broker connecting pharmacies and customers. There was information about the drugs offered at this store and for this reason, I could not find the price of Viagra.

Shipping is provided for free by this website to different parts of the world using Registered Airmail and time duration varies with the chosen destination. There was no information regarding the payment methods. No refunds were provided by the company as per the European rules. Customers can contact the company by calling at the toll-free number or by contact form available on the website. Reviews has been given one review on an independent website that I decided to check immediately. The review has been made by a client named Hamisho. He said that he started using this store in the year 2015 when its name was RxMegaCenter. He reported that this website used to frequently change its domain name. However, it never compromised on the service of its quality and Hamisho was quite happy with this website all the time.

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Hamisho further said that the company used to deliver to the United States within a time period of one week. He had to pay 28.40 USD for it which included 20 USD for shipping and 8.40 USD as an insurance fee. He mentioned that if the customers wanted regular shipping, they were only charged 8.40 USD including the insurance fee. He received the product in a well-packed state and was equivalent in effects to its branded counterparts. Hamisho said that the customers were able to save 60 percent on average but could go up to 9 percent or come down to 30 percent depending upon the type of products ordered.

Because the review was present on a third party website, I had no doubt about its authenticity. The customer was quite clear in his comment and told about different aspects and benefits of this store and I found it to be really good. Reviews 2017

Unfortunately, I was not successful in finding any customer reviews regarding this store in the most recent years. So, Scamadviser was my next stop.

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I was surprised to check what Scamadviser said about Express Ex Sales. According to this website, the company is based in Netherlands but has some kind of connection with the Russian Federation. The status of the Russian Federation is well known to every customer who often buys drugs from online sources. Pharmacies that are found to have links to this notorious place are rejected at once because Russia is a company where scandalous and spam stores thrive. Scamadviser has given a very poor trust rating to ExpressRxSales for this reason.

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LegitScript has similar views about Express Rx Sales and has even declared that this drug store has an unconfirmed status. It has not provided any means for which its status could be verified. Furthermore, the company has been termed as rogue by LegitScript which implies that it is not to be trusted in any situation. Coupon Codes does not actually have any proper discount offers. All I can find on its official website is a note that says that the company provides global shipping to its customers for free. I am quite sure that this offer comes with a lot of conditions, particularly about a certain net worth of the order that is necessary to avail this offer. However, the company has not mentioned it anywhere.

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The second offer cannot be considered as a discount as it is about refunds. Express Rx Sales has said that it gives a very easy procedure to the customers for following if they want to receive a refund upon general dissatisfaction. I must say that I am extremely disappointed in the discount offers that this store has come up with for its customers.


I must admit that got me excited in the beginning when I found a perfect and authentic user review regarding it. The review was detailed and highlighted all the important aspects of the store. One thing that bothered me was how the store kept changing its domain all the time. This suspicion rose further when I proceeded to check its rating according to Scamadviser and LegitScript, both of which called it as a fake store that was located in the Russian Federation. The discount offers also disappointed me completely and in the end, I was left with nothing but flaws about this store. ExpressRxSales gets 1 out of 5 from my side and instruction for customers not to try it at any cost.