Review – Virtual Pharmacy with Immense Credibility Issues used to be an internet drugstore in the supply of generic and branded medications. Its broad spectrum of drugs was meant to assist in the treatment of skin diseases, diabetes, diabetes and others; with the main assortment comprising of impotencies. The store claimed to offer FDA approved products from leading manufacturers across the globe at the throw-away- price. That can be illustrated by the prices of generic Viagra which was $ 0.70 per pill while that of Cialis went for $ 1.50 per tablet.  Informative descriptions and guidelines per individual drugs were also provided to enable the clients in gaining a better understanding of their dosages. The lack of a prescription while making purchases pieces of advice on the importance of visiting general physicians before buying the pharmaceuticals was given on its website. The clients were encouraged to ask as many clarifications as possible with the guarantee of prompt responses from the customer support team. These quick and accommodative contacts were facilitated by the availability of the live chat in addition to the email-contact forms and the telephone numbers indicated on the site. Its clients must have enjoyed the versatile channels of payments using the Visa, JCB, Amex, Dinners Club, Discover and the e-checks. To assure its consumers of a secure shopping, using the cards, it had adopted the latest encryption system. Shipping was done using the Express courier services with a tracking device within (5-9) days with a maximum of fourteen days to get the goods to its consumers. International mail service was the other option which was most preferred to cover long distances estimated to take two to three weeks with a maximum of thirty days to deliver the parcels. Unlike a majority of cases where clients were left to bear the burden of damaged consignments as well as incomplete ones, the shop had a full compensation policy; where Customers benefited from it through a cash refund or a free reshipment. Consumers who presented wrong addresses resulting to undelivered shipments were excluded from benefitting from this policy.  Users were also allowed to cancel their orders before their goods were dispatched after which the transaction was said to be irreversible. I had the urge of hearing from its customers which could only be done through reading their comments from its testimonial’s page. Reviews

Stephen Smith was impressed by the integrity of the store making him be compelled to transact with it in future. Its sense of reliability to avoid credit card frauds was manifested when his delivery took longer than expected as a result of deliberate efforts of providing his phone number and his grand- father’s address. The support team followed up the issue and released the medications after seeking clarification from the two parties.

Susan, who had a preference for herbal therapies in weight loss bought Acai berry from the shop and to her surprise, it worked miracles making her achieve a joyful appearance. Her friends couldn’t stop admiring her new look leading the m to aspire for the same by purchasing the herbal remedy.

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Charles from Paris, published his comment having bought his anti-smoking pills twice from the site. He acknowledged that the tablets were effective as he was on the verge of quitting smoking after using these recipes in addition to trusting the services provided by the shop even when his delivery takes longer than promised.

Isabella from Rome confessed to having found an effective recipe from the site which she recommended to all who were interested in shedding some pounds. She stated to have struggled with the problem for five years before discovering the pills which transformed her situation.

It was unbelievable to find a vendor who had been complimented by all its clients without a remark from its critiques. My instincts directed me to the user reviewing sites where I would get authentic reviews without some room for the sellers to manipulate them; which happens to be the case for those posted on their websites. That was when I realized that the same set of testimonials existed in other sites an indication of the vendor being untrustworthy for duplicating remarks. Reviews 2017 reported that the German-based web store had been enlisted as `Rogue’ on 20th August 2013 in addition to its low credibility status and untrustworthiness.

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The same shop had also been granted (66 out of 100) % trust rates despite its rare visitations in almost four years of its domain age. I felt like the average safety ratings given to the store was a mistake as it had a disgraceful reputation proved by the negative feedbacks from the regulatory authorities. Coupon Codes assisted its clients in saving some money from their medical expenses without the coupon codes. It instead invested in offering 10% discount to its loyal customers who continued to transact with it after their initial orders. It also has some free bonus pills to Erectile Dysfunction orders. As usual, the bulk buyers were favored by the extra boxes as they enjoyed ten tablets.

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Two hundred and seventy pills and above was appreciated with a free standard airmail delivery in addition to the free tables.

Conclusion had fabricated user remarks and a history of being untrustworthy from other websites among them being the which classified it as a rogue pharmacy on 20th August 2013. The also went ahead to accord it an average of (66 out of 100) %safe rates as it highlighted declared its rare visitations and its physical address which was on the world map. My sanity dictates me to rate the store a 1-star out of 5 as a reflection of its low credibility levels.