Review – Sealed Store Lacking Legitimacy is a closed store that used to be affiliated with Health and Beauty online pharmacy. The company had mentioned in its personal information section that it was in business for almost 9 years but there was no verification provided along with this claim. The store used to provide both branded and generic medications to its customers spread in different areas of the world. Health Md only used to offer those drugs that had been approved by the FDA and yet again this claim had not been verified by the company. Because the drugs it used to sell were manufactured in India, they were approved by the Indian FDA. A good aspect of this pharmacy that I came to know later was that it used to provide medicines only after the customer had given in a valid prescription. Different types of ED medicines were available at this store, both branded and generic. Branded Viagra was used to be sold here in a pack of 8 which was priced at 100 US Dollars. This was certainly not cheap at all but for a branded version, it was still less costly as compared to the prices that are mentioned on other pharmaceutical stores.

For the purpose of delivery, every client was free to choose whatever he wished to between two companies. The first company was Standard Airmail that used to cost 10 USD, while the second one was Trackable service that used to cost 3 USD. As far as the non-deliveries were concerned, customers were advised to contact the company through customer care service to resolve the problem immediately. It was, however, mentioned separately that the store provided refunds in case of non-delivery. The only payment method available at Health Md was credit card payment. Clients could email the company about their concerns or call them at +44 (1204) 897361, + 1 (800) 9439753 (US), or +1 (425) 5777756. Reviews

I went through the official website of only to get my hands on a few very short reviews that were supposedly posted by customers who had ordered from this website once in their life. As I was unable to find customer reviews from any other independent website, I had no choice but to review them one by one.

Jane Saunders was a 34-year-old customer who had praised the store in her short and brief comment. She had mentioned how this store sold “true pills” which were highly effective and treated the targeted disease right away. Jane also did not forget to mention how none of these pills had any “side effect” on her while she was taking them.

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Tiffany, another customer was quite pleased with the variety of drugs offered at this store. The 35-year-old customer was impressed with the “wide range of products”. She also mentioned how she found the pricing of each and every individual drug to be “competitive”. Tiffany concluded by saying that she had never seen so impressively priced drugs anywhere else.

Mrs. Antonetii was 42 years old customer who was so happy with her products that she even said that Health Md helps her to make “difference between life and death”. The customer prayed a lot for the store and all the customers it had.

As much as I appreciate this sweet and straight forward messages posted by the clients of Health Md, it is not possible for me to trust this platform entirely. This is because the presence of these reviews is nowhere else and in a situation like this, it is better to find more reliable sources. Reviews 2017 had good reviews made in the past but because their validity could not be confirmed, I started looking for other sources to verify.

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The report given by Scamavdiser regarding this website is quite encouraging. The Scam analyzing website had been given a high trust rating which means that it fully trusted the company. Scamadviser had also encouraged the clients to buy drugs from this platform as there was no problem associated with it.

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The report presented by Scamner was, however, quite different. This software had given 0 percent trust score to Health Md saying that it was not a popular website and definitely not a safe one for buying drugs. Coupon Codes seemed to lack completely when it came to discount offers. This is not a good sign for a as this shows that the company was least interested in making its customers happy and only wanted to gain maximum profits from its sales. I strongly condemn using such stores and request the customers to look for another.


To conclude, had not been able to satisfy me completely.  The company lacked in a lot of aspects including valid customer reviews. I am strongly against such websites that do not present themselves as credible for the customers. Such pharmacies must never be tried. Therefore, I give Health Md a rating of 1 out of 5.