Review – Closed Virtual Pharmacy Not to Be Trusted was an online pharmacy that sold generic medication over the internet. It was possible that they only operated online as they did not have a founding date or mailing address. Their main assortments were erectile drugs followed by muscle relaxants and pain relievers. The prices of their ED drugs were as followed: Viagra $1.15 per pill, Cialis $1.99 per pill, Levitra $0.39 per pill and VPXL $4.97 per pill.

Their products were approved by the Indian FDA. Payments were made by credit card only so they could process the order quickly. Credit cards accepted by them included Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Diners and JCB. Shipping was done internationally and by two methods; trackable courier service and international unregistered airmail services. However, no cost or time frame was given for these shipping methods.

There was no Customer Chat; however, they had a phone number that you could call to contact them. There was no information on their policies or a policy page so we could not know their policy as it related to refunds. Reviews

The three reviews were taken from the independent site, There was a possibility that these reviews could be trusted as they were not on the seller’s site and was most likely unable to influence the reviews.

Rodrich had used before and was a returning customer. He received his prescription order within 3 days and it was cheaper for him to buy from them than from his local pharmacy. He claimed to have used the Cash on Delivery (COD) option. John said that they were a trustworthy and real pharmacy. His order came within 6 days. He too opted for the Cash on Delivery option. He felt it was the better option because he did not feel safe entering his credit card information online. He said that although the drugs were cheaper than those sold in the local pharmacy, the quality was still the same.

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Brown had made his first purchase and was nervous as expected for someone who was possibly the guinea pig. He was so nervous that he called them about his order the day after making his purchase. He did get his order, despite his paranoia and he was very grateful that he got it and it worked for him.

I did not remember there being cash on delivery option as a method of payment for so I was confused by Rodrich and John claiming to have paid cash when the items were delivered. Likewise, for someone who was paranoid about buying from, I was surprised that Brown who claimed to be very satisfied, gave them the last digits of his credit card number over the chat. Reviews 2017

Since the reviews were basically old, a more recent review of the was done using the independent sources and Their analyses were shown below.

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It was unexpected that would not recommend buying or browsing on Also shocking was that their website was last updated 2 years ago. It probably should not have been a shock considering that their last customer review was received in 2013.

image1 3 followed somewhat in its analysis by pointing out that was Rogue. Although USTabs didn’t go as far as to advise you not to make purchases from them, the meaning was implied by the word Rogue. Obviously, no one would want to buy anything from a pharmacy that was deemed rogue. Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes or anything similar and of the sort. If this was the case then what made special and different from other online pharmacies? In USTabs reviews, customers claimed that they were cheaper or that their customer service was good. Maybe it was all true but what tangible, physical evidence was there for prospective customers to come to this conclusion as well?

I did not know when their domain was removed but it was quite possible that their lack of discounts could have been a reason why. Maybe they were not as profitable as they had hoped to be and had to cease operations. But according to the review they were inactive for 2 years!

So USTabs probably could not afford discounts but I still felt as though Rodrich deserved something for his loyalty and that even Brown deserved something for his referrals. I saw other websites doing it but it was likely that they could not afford to have giveaways.


I initially started to believe that they were legitimate until I read the customer reviews and saw that they accepted cash on delivery. Nowhere on their website did I see this as an option and I made it my business to read the entire website. It could be a possibility that the reviewers were paid or fake.

Apart from that everything else seemed to be good besides the analyses given by and legit script. They did not give an estimated time for shipping or tell you how much it would cost. It also did not help that they didn’t have a physical address. Where was I going to send the police when I got scammed?

I gave USTabs a 1-star rating simply because I did not trust them. If anyone else was comfortable purchasing from a supplier who gave no incentives to purchase (not even free shipping), then it was possible that they could purchase from the most transparent con artists without worrying.